Tribology International Abstract

Contact Modeling -- Forces

G.G. Adams and M. Nosonovsky


This paper reviews contact modeling with an emphasis on the forces of contact and their relationship to the geometrical, material and mechanical properties of the contacting bodies. Single asperity contact models are treated first. These models include simple Hertz contacts for spheres, cylinders, and ellipsoids. Further generalizations include the effects of friction, plasticity, adhesion, and higher-order terms which describe the local surface topography. Contact with a rough surface is generally represented by a multi-asperity contact model. Included is the well-known Greenwood-Williamson contact model, as well as a myriad of other models, many of which represent various modifications of the basic theory. Also presented in this review is a description of wavy surface contact models, with and without the effects of friction. These models inherently account for the coupling between each of the contacting areas. A brief review of experimental investigations is also included. Finally some recent work, which addresses the dynamics and associated instabilities of sliding contact, is presented and the implications discussed.

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