impacts97 abstract

Imperfectly Constrained Planar Impacts ---
A Coefficient-of-Restitution Model

G.G. Adams


A simple coeffiecient-of-restitution model is proposed for the impact of a rigid body, constrained by an imperfect pin support, with a rigid barrier. The collision process is represented by two phases. In the first stage the rigid body impacts the barrier with negligible influence from the support. The next phase is characterized by an impact between the rigid body and the imperfect pin support. This second phase commences when impact with the barrier has ceased. Both moving and stationary barriers are considered. In the case of a moving barrier, energy can be added to the rigid body due to the work done by the friction force exerted by the moving barrier. Such a result is not predicted with the usual constrained impact formulation. Impact with a stationary barrier is characterized by continuous slip, slip reversal, or slip followed by stick. A {\em constrained} coefficient of restitution is presented for these partially constrained impacts.

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