ISPS abstract

Mechanics and Tribology of Information Storage and Processing Systems (ISPS)

Prof. George G. Adams

Summary of Past Research

The primary focus of research in Information Storage and Processing Systems (ISPS) was in the rapidly growing data storage industry which includes rigid disks, floppy disks, magnetic tapes, optical disks, and VCR technologies. This reserach included modeling of the impact of a slider onto the surface of a disk; modeling and simulating the dynamic behavior of flexible disks including the effects of air-bearings, anisotropy, warping, tension-induced stresses, vibrations, and critical speeds; and modeling and simulation of the tape-head interface.

Professor Adams has conducted research in mechanics and tribology directly and indirectly related to ISPS from the late 1970's through 2005 as indicated on his ISPS publications list.

ISPS Publications

Dr. George G. Adams