JMPS 2006 Abstract

Adhesion in the Contact of a Spherical Indenter With a Layered Elastic Half-Space

A. Onur Sergici, George G. Adams, and Sinan Muftu


With the emergence of micro- and nano-technology, the contact mechanics of MEMS and NEMS devices and components is becoming more important. Thus it is important to gain a better understanding of the role of coatings and thin films on micro- and nano-scale contact phenomena, and to understand the interactions of measurement devices, such as an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), with layered media.

More specifically, in this work the frictionless contact, with adhesion, between a spherical indenter and an elastic layered medium is investigated. This configuration can be viewed as either a single contact model or as a building block of a multi-asperity rough surface contact model. As the scale decreases to the nano level, adhesion becomes an important issue. The presence of adhesion affects the relationships among the applied force, the penetration of the indenter, and the size of the contact area. This axisymmetric problem includes the effect of adhesion using a Maugis type of adhesion model. This model spans the range of the Tabor parameter between the JKR and DMT regions. The key parameters in this analysis are the elastic moduli ratio of the layer and the substrate, the dimensionless layer thickness, and the Maugis adhesion parameter. The results can be applied to a rigid or to an elastic indenter.

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