Moving Load Problems & Friction-Induced Vibrations

Moving Load Problems & Friction-Induced Vibrations

Prof. George G. Adams


Moving load problems occur in a wide variety of applications - railroad rail mechanics; mechanics of computer tapes, VCR tapes, and floppy discs; automotive and aircraft braking systems; belt drives; and web winding and transport. As modern lightweight and high-strength materials continue to be developed and employed it is expected that vibrations and instabilities due to moving loads, will become more important that strength considerations in more and more applications.

Professor Adams is conducting a number of basic and applied research projects involving moving load problems and friction-induced vibrations. These investigations require a solid background in mechanics of materials, mechanical vibrations, and an interest and aptitude in mathematics and computer programming.

NSF Sponsored Project on Dynamic Instabilities in Frictional Sliding

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Dr. George G. Adams