Carlos Bocanegra
PhD Candidate
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Northeastern University, Boston

Office: 552 Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex (ISEC)

Carlos Bocanegra

About me:

I am in the fifth year of my PhD program working under the guidance of Prof. Kaushik R. Chowdhury at the Genesys Lab. My research interests englobe the design and prototype of Wireless Systems to enable fast and smart services. Some areas that I have experience in are multi-antenna frameworks for centralized or distributed systems, machine learning for wireless applications, mobile sensing and computing, and coexistence of heterogeneous wireless systems. At the moment, I am channeling my efforts toward building a reliable RFID self-checkout system and designing efficient multi-antenna techniques for interference suppression in dense Heterogeneous Networks (HetNets).

I have had the opportunity to experience research and product development in industry during my PhD program. I joined the Mobile Communications and Networking (MCN) team at the Princeton offices of the NEC Laboratories America (NECLA) for 6 months this past year 2019. Back in 2017, I joined the Communications Systems team at the Natick offices of The Mathworks for 4 months.


  • Qos-aware Antenna Grouping and Cross- layer Scheduling for mmWave Massive MU-MIMO
    C. Bocanegra, S. Rodrigo, Z. Li, A. Cabellos, E. Alarcon and K. R. Chowdhury
    IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (JSAC), Submitted Jan. 2020
    Technical Report , Slides , Code
  • NetBeam: Network of Distributed Full-dimension Beamforming SDRs for Multi-user Heterogeneous Traffic
    C. Bocanegra, K. Alemdar, S. Garcia, C. Singhal and K. R. Chowdhury
    IEEE Dynamic Spectrum (DySpan), 2019
    PDF , Slides , Code
  • E-Fi: Evasive Wi-Fi Measures for Surviving LTE within 5GHz Unlicensed Band
    C. Bocanegra, T. E. Kennouche, Z. Li, L. Favalli, M. Di Felice and K. R. Chowdhury
    IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (TMC), 2018
    PDF , Slides , Code
  • AirBeam: Experimental Demonstration of Distributed Beamforming by a Swarm of UAVs
    S. Mohanti, C. Bocanegra, G. Secinti, M. Diddi, H. Singh, and K. R. Chowdhury
    IEEE Mobile Ad-hoc networks and Smart Systems (MASS), 2019
    PDF , Slides
  • Beam Alignment and Tracking for Autonomous Vehicular Communication using IEEE 802.11ad-based Radar
    G. Reus, K. Vijay, C. Bocanegra, Y. C. Eldar and K. R. Chowdhury
    IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM), Workshop session, 2019
    PDF , Slides , Code