About me

I am a PhD student in the ECE department at Northeastern University. I work as a Research Assistant in the Northeastern University Computer Architecture Research (NUCAR) laboratory under the direction of Dr. David Kaeli. I completed my undergraduate studies from Dharmsinh Desai University, India in May 2011. Prior to attending graduate school, I worked at Nokia Siemens Networks (now Nokia Networks), India. I completed my Master's in Computer Engineering from Northeastern University in 2015.

To further enhance my knowledge base, I attended the prestigious ACACES Summer School organized by HiPEAC in Fiuggi, Italy in 2018. There, I studied technical and non-technical courses such as Business Prototyping, Hardware Architectures for DNN, Ultra Low Power Design for IoT systems, and Translating Technology into Commercial Products and Services. I was awarded scholarship from the Northeastern PhD Network to attend the summer school.


I am currently working on GPU compilers trying to develop new techniques for predicting and improving reliability of applications. My interest in compilers began while I was pursuing co-op at AMD. There, I worked as a Performance Compiler Engineering Intern in AMD's shader compiler team at Boxborough, MA in 2013. I worked on various optimizations for graphic and compute shaders. In 2015, I had the opportunity to work with AMD's Reliability Research team to leverage compilers for improving resilience of GPU applications. In the past, I have also worked on other projects such as big data, power and performance evaluation on GPUs, GPU benchmarking and runtime systems. I enjoy doing inter-disciplinary research by collaborating with other group members on various projects. This not only helps me diversify my research, but also gives me a wider perspective during problem-solving and a sense of appreciation towards other domains of research.

Awards and Highlights

  • Awarded scholarship by SIGHPC to present paper at the Supercomputing conference held in Dallas, TX in 2018
  • Awarded Scholarship by the PhD Network at NEU to attend the ACACES Summer School held in Fiuggi, Italy in 2018
  • Awarded Scholarship by IEEE to present research paper at SELSE worskhop held in Austin, TX in 2016
  • Awarded Travel Scholarship by ACM-W to attend CGO conference held in Barcelona, Spain in 2016
  • Awarded Scholarship to attend CRA-W Grad Cohort held at San Francisco, CA in 2015
  • Featured on Women Who CUDA in 2014

Available upon request

Contact Information

Email: ckalra@ece.neu.edu
Address: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 140 The Fenway, Northeastern University, Boston 02115.

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