Atlantic Highlands
High School

Thanks to the
Atlantic Highlands Historical Society
for sharing 1937-1940 yearbooks

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Sarah Bowne

Lester Card

Michael Cardner

Antoinette Caso

Frances Chevalier

Antoinette Egidio

James Fleming

Doris Gardner

Francis Givens

Margaret Groch

Marjorie Grover

Marie Hallerin

Edna Hauser

Dorothy Johnson

Aram Kantarian

Thais Mary Kasner

Thomas Keyes

Louise Koehler

Robert Leonardis

Edwin McLaughlin

Elsie Parker

Frederick Parker

Harry Parker

Ralph Rich

Frances Roberts

Elizabeth Ryan

Marie Sutton

Norma Thompson

Ann Throckmorton

Verna Tinkham

Hazel Tucker

Irving Voorhees

Ethelyn Vosseler

Frank Walsh

Marjorie Welsh

Elizabeth Woodward

Jean Wright

Jane Zimmermann