Atlantic Highlands High School
Reunion - Class of 1958
August 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2008

The Class of '58 filled out a questionairre in section, "Memories", had
meaningful and thoughtful comments. We hope these memories last forever.
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"p.j. parties and senior class trip to Washington"

"Linda Schnable, sitting on the sand at Henry Hudson Springs with a group of us drinking beer and then me saying
"get out of here" because police were coming to talk about us disturbing the neighbors because we
were drinking and telling stories ? ----- Were you drinking also Linda ?

"Charlie DeFazio in shop class waving (what was left of his index finger) at us, saying " you got another think coming"

"As a cheerleader, during the basketball team's pre-game warmups, doing a
cartwheel into Greg Heath and landing on my kiester, but relieved I didn't hurt our great center"

"great basketball seasons"

"Hanging out after school at Albertson's"

"basketball games at Jimmy Bordulis's backyard (First & Mount)"

"fond memories of Mrs Vern Nicholls and Mr Bradley Van Brunt"

"stickball games on school property"

"Vaughn's has lots of fun memories - best one is that Tony asked me to
marry him Nov 1958. Our wedding was June 59, 49 years ago." -- Carole Ann Dempsey Campi

"The small school meant we knew everyone in the school family" with all the
memories of dances, basketball games, noon dancing, small school newspager
and all the fun of going through "THE GREAT FIFTIES" together"

"my memories of Atlantic Highlands was so good I wish I could do it all over again"

"sleighing down Mount Avenue"

"Just surviving classes and Lunch Time "Fun"Dancing"

"It was funny riding that crazy train to school."

"Had great times at the dances"

"Having a snowball fight in class with snow off the window sills until the
teacher came back in the room and got hit with one meant for someone
else. ( I think it was Vitello)"

"Guys shooting grade school children with water pistols out the windows
of the cafeteria during studyhall with Roxy Finn"

"Joe Linane yelling "Fire" and jumping out the window during a fire drill"

"High School Interscholastic Basketball games"

"Liverwurst from Lembergs Deli"

"Parties at Linda Schnabel's house"

"All Saints Episcopal Church in Navesink"

"Saturday movie matinees @20 cents, popcorn a dime"

"Annual Volunteer Firemans Fair"

"Memorial Day parades on First Avenue"

"12 years of school in one building"

"Placing Christmas trees on Bill McConnell's lawn for the Christmas dance
in our sophomore year, which we borrowed from the Watermellon Bar !"

"The fun we had on Halloween night trick or treeting all the local teachers
and and than going to the fire house for donuts and apple cider."

"Remember the day some of our big and strong boys picked up Robert Earle's
little car and hid it behind some bushes on the side of the school so he couldn't find it ?"

"The night some of the girls got caught out on a fire escape in Wash. D.C (Class trip)".
...........supposedly looking for a plug-in for a radio. these same girls had to sit up all night
in the hotel dining room, waiting to see if we were to be bussed home early. We know of
course, WHERE the girls were really going! ......... TO THE BOYS FLOOR.

Mr. Landis wearing the same suit day after day;

Walking to school with friends (now we would have to go on a bus);

Putting Mom's car in a ditch by Linda Schnabel's house

Bill Connell running circles around the best athletes in town at the old Athletic Field during football season.

Pete Murray, Wyndham Reed, Jerry Motley, Henry Gregerson playing baseball like professional ballplayers.

Greg Heath "carrying us on his shoulders" each game which produced basketball AHHS letters for us.

The great music and girls dancing at lunchtime. (The boys never danced, for some reason).

Racing our hotrods at lunchtime on Memorial Parkway to Highlands

Taking Home Economics just to be with the girls and sample the goodies

Asking kids to chip in for gas so we could walk the Asbury Park boardwalk, and "take in the sights".

My memories of AHHS are good - wish I could do it all over again.

Good times, Bill Connell, Rose Hoffman, Henry Gregerson, Pete Murray

Going to the beach, sleigh riding down Mount Ave, school events, basketball games.

All the memories of dances, basketball games, noon dancing, small school newspaper

Dancing with Mary Jo Lyons to Earth Angel

When Mr Minert stopped Lunch Dancing, we all marched around school.

The tremendous basketball spirit

Having crushes on various "new" girls from Highlands, most of which went nowhere

Playing on the last football team (Roxy was afraid to play me because I was so small)

Managing and traveling with our championship basketball team

Getting elected "sheriff' after a gun-toting campaign speech

Smoking in the boiler room courtesy of Mr. Reiher

Forgetting the words to a solo I supposed to sing on Class Night

Getting stopped by the cops on Graduation Night with girls and booze on board (they let me off).