Atlantic Highlands High School
2010 Reunion - Class of 1960

Ron Halvorsen remembers:
Going to the basketball games (didn't our team break 100 points at one time?)
Longo's Pizza in Sea Bright (Our after game snack)
Freddie's Pizza in Long Branch (When we were really daring)
Oh yea there is Vaughn's in Highlands (I wasn't supposed to go there, stay away from the Highlands crowd)
Dancing lessons somewhere on First Avenue (I must have dropped out) Karen was my dance partner I believe
Walking to school every morning with Sandy. (Of course she always finished her homework )
Gym class (I was the smallest at the time so I was the one on top of the pyramid)
Mike's ship ahoy in the harbor. (worked for a dollar an hour with Louise, Erin, Diane Sutton, and Liz Ferrar. (Can't remember anyone else)
Setting up pins at our new Bowling alley with Skip Robinson
Delivering telegrams (What a tough job that was for what little money we got)
The train from Atlantic Highlands to Highlands (What a neat ride that was)
Hudson Springs and the pool that we used to sneak into behind the Springs.
Ah my 55 Ford (love that car)
Antonito's drug store (don't know if I spelled that right but their 5 cent root beer floats were great)
Swimming in the harbor (yuck)

Billy Freeman remembers:
Buying beer at Mulligans in Highlands at age 16 and 17. (We needed a driver!!
Wild parties at Steffer's and Potsie's on Bay Avenue, AH!

Mike Greco remembers:
Getting containers of beer from Pauls with Schmedes, Bosley, Skenk et al and
drinking in the woods of Auditorium Drive.
Liked it so much, I built a house on that very spot and have been there ever since.

Henry Wheeler remembers:
Dear ol' Mrs. Mulligan...I produced an ID that was my brother's when I was 15, (irrevocable truth I was born in 1929)
and the old dear coughed up the beer...after a couple of buys, I even got brazen enough to have a short one at the bar!
I quit that practice when I could feel the eyes of some old barfly piercing my head. Besides, since Eddie O'Hara
actually looked the part, he was the principal source most of the time for us to gun down small-necks in the
gravel pit off Bayside Drive. Million dollar residences now grace the same spot.
I actually liked it better as a place to have Bosley fall off my motorcycle...the deep sand cushioned the fall
...I think we were chasing Pottsy's Pontiac at the time...

Bob Anthony remembers:
....consuming "some" amber brew when I was underage.
Keg parties in the woods ( that was one of the ways I earned money to take Ruth out on dates).
Diving off the Highlands bridge and swimming across the river. Living on South Bay Ave in Highlands meant
that I could walk across the bridge, climb the rocks and body surf in the ocean.
Many fond memories of working at Longo's with Jimmy Bosley & Lee Duttkin and drinking a little after work.
We'd always over cook at least one pizza so that we would have something to accompany the amber brews.