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New Years 1890 Cards - N227

Set of 50; 49 shown below
.... Contributing
Roger Clark
Cal's Collection
David Epps
Mark Finn
Bill Humphreys
Roger Nisly

1 Father time and child

2 Man and woman skating

3 Lady carrying mistletoe

4 Inebriated waiter in chair

5 Old woman holding boy 1889 over soup tureen

6 Elves ringing bells and birds flying

7 1890 train emerging from one tunnel
1889 train enters oblivion tunnel

8 Child with bag walking
from phantom train

9 Child with 1890 flag riding on bird's back

10 Page and knight attending throne of Queen 1890

11 Servitor dancing with boar's head held on platter overhead

12 Plum pudding

13 Bell ringing, page running away

14 Man and woman, titled"Under the Mistletoe"

15 Boy riding on 1890 rocket

16 Two children ringing bells tied with 1890 ribbons

17 Pie on table in foreground, horse and sleigh background

18 Three birds and elf sitting on branch singing

19 Boy pushing huge snowball over figure of 1889

20 Duelist 1890 standing over fallen 1889

21 Boy 1890 breaks through paper hoop
held by Father Time

22 Old lady (Dame Nature) looking through
lorgnettes at a boy 1890

23 Leg 1890 knocking 1889 out of door

24 Page 1890 bursting from Grandfather Clock at midnight

25 Figure rising from pudding and giving man card 1890

26 Child on toboggan coasting past broken-down sled 1889

27 Holly surrounding a snow scene

28 Child 1890 playing with toy balloon 1890

29 Father Time sending up fire balloon 1890

30 Cavalier dancing and blowing coach horn

31 12 boys in single file as months of 1890

32 Man carrying bag labeled 1890 outside locked door in wall

33 Hooded mustached man with hand on shoulder of woman

34 Two girls skating with festoon of flowers

35 Servant lights candle 1890. Father time with ledger.

36 Boy 1890 skates round 1889 falling through ice

37 Tall woman and short fat man singing Happy New Year

38 Whale swallowing 1889, 1890 steps on to floating globe

39 Miss Holly and Miss Mistletoe gazing a each other

40 3 birds on branch, one flying outside window

41 Father Time blowing trumpet 1890

42 8 birds on a branch

43 Cupid passing through turn gate, 1889 going outwards

44 Bell ringing in belfry, two birds flying away

45 Messinger boy 1890 bringing bale of flowers

46 Messinger boy 1890 bringing bale of flowers

47 Seated man being offered wine and cakes by lady

48 Boy dancing with plum pudding on head

49 Sun as spider devouring insect 1889
insect 1890 flies away

50 Punch bowl, bottle of wine
madoline, garland, in a group