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Tom Boblitt
Buchner - N284
Leading Baseball Players, Inspectors and
Captains, Jockeys, Actors

Set of approx 325 - shown below: 48 Actors
..... Contribututors
David Epps
Toby Edwards
Jeff Forteza
Bill Humphreys
John Moran
Roger Nisly

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1 Lawrence Barrett
as Cassius

2 Lawrence Barrett
as King Lear

3 Lawrence Barrett
in Francesca da Rimini

4 Wilson Barrett
as "Claudian"

5 Wilson Barrett
as Hamlet

6 Wilson Barrett
as "The Lord Harry Bendish"

7 Maurice Barrymore
as "In a Looking Glass"

8 Maurice Barrymore
as Romeo

9 Kyle Bellew
as "Romeo"

10 Kyle Bellew
in "French Dictoire"

11 Geo. C. Boniface

12 Edwin Booth
as Hamlet

13 Edwin Booth
as Richchard III"

14 Edwin Booth
as "Richelieu"

15 Charles Coghlan
Actor and Author

16 W.H.Crane
in Comedy of Errors

17 W.S. Daboll
in "Ermine"

18 H.E. Dixey
in Adonis (with moustache)

19 H.E. Dixey
in Adonis (no moustache)

20 J.K. Emmet
as "Fritz"

21 Chas. E. Evans
as I McCorker

22 N.C. Goodwin
in Little Jack Sheppard

23 N.C. Goodwin
in The Hunchback

24 James Haworth
as Hamlet

25 William Hoey
as Old Hoss

26 Henry Irving
as "Capt. Vanderdecker"

27 Henry Irving
as Shylock

28 Louis James
in Francesca de Rimini

29 Joseph Jefferson
as Bob Acres

30 Joseph Jefferson as
"Rip Van Winkle" (brown hair)

31 Joseph Jefferson as
"Rip Van Winkle" (white hair and beard)

32 Fred. Leslie
in Merry War

33 James Lewis
in Red Letter Nights

34 Richd. Mansfield
as "Prince Karl" (in hat)

35 Richd. Mansfield
as "Prince Karl" (no hat)

36 R.B. Mantell
in "Fedora"

37 W.A. Mestayer
in "The Tourists"

38 Stuart Robson
in Comedy of Errors

39 Salvini

40 W.J. Scanlon
in Peek-A-Boo

41 Mark Smith
in "The Black Hussar"

42 E.H. Sothern
in "The Love Chase"

43 E.H. Sothern
in "One of Our Girls"

44 Lytton Sothern
as David Garrick

45 Lester Wallack

46 Lester Wallack
in Rosedale

47 Francis Wilson
in "Apajune"

48 Francis Wilson
in "Ermine"