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Applewood Books, 1991, produced reprints of R89 (#1-96) via a soft box issue and produced
reprints of R89/R90 (#1-96 & fifteen 97-120) via a hard cover box issue.

A collector would have a hard time determining if a card is real or a reprint when viewing it alone.

Richard Lapointe scanned an original card alongside a reprint to show the
subtle differences. Richard also commented on the reprints.
The following statement mirrors Richard's post at the Non Sports Chat Room:
1. Reproductions measures quite a bit shorter side to side
2. Back reproductions all have the same shade of "tan" coloring; originals have different degree's of toning.
3. Black line on back (above "get a mickey mouse album") is much thinner
4. Front repro colors are much brighter/whiter as they have a glossy front

Front comparison

Back comparison