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... R95 - Movie Stars
8"x 10" - satin/linen - no numbers
Images shown: 200+ - - Images needed: approx. 30
... Contributors
Dan Calandriello
Claude Emond
Greg Galliger
John Moran

Burdick gave the R95 designation to this set. Although very stunning at 8" x 10" with
it's satin look/feel, there has not been any confirmed tie-in to any gum, candy, etc promotion.
The "checklist" is for the images displayed.
The "missing" list is for stars thought to be part of this set, although not proven.

The R95 set is shown in two groups for faster image downloading,
one link shows seven R95s, larger than webpage images.

View the approx 200 card checklist

View the "possible" missing cards

View "Aherne through Hopkins"

View "Howard through Young"

View a few cards, larger sized