Checklist taken from a D.Grimes post
1 International Flags, US Flag in center
2 Hamilton King Bathing Girls . Newport Girl in center
3 Kings & Queens
4 Baseball Players
A. Christy Mathewson in center
B. Ty Cobb in center (??)
5 Indian Scenes . Medium format, S-68
6 Flowers, - 33 of the S48/49 (?) flowers around a central scene of a Rose
7. Flag Girls
A: Medium Size . 14 silks
B: Larger size . S-59 Flag girls, 8 images,
large format size around a US Flag. Shows Flag girls of England,
Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Russia, Japan and Austria
8 Hamilton King Athletic Girls, heart in center
9 Birds - 36 birds from the S6/7 series around a vignette of an Eagle
10 Generals., Geo Washington in center
11 Hamilton King Cabaret Dancers
12 National Flags with Coats of arms

43 Palmer Cox.s Brownies, Cop in center
44 Palmer Cox.s Brownies, Dud in center

The Palmer Cox silks are reported but never been see