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Piedmont Cigarettes
Fairy Tale Stamps - T333
Set of 60 stamps. (5 stamps for the below listed 12 fairy tales)
Andersen's Fairy Tales---Arabian Nights---Around The World in 80 Days
Bechstein's Fairy Tales---Baron Munchhausen---Classic Stories
Grimm Fairy Tales---Gulliver's Travels---Hauff Fairy Tales
Leatherstocking Tales---Reynard the Fox---Robinson Caruso
Bob Forbes

Andersen's Fairy Tales

Arabian Nights

Around the World in 80 Days

Baron Mauchhausen's Adventures

Bechstein's Fairy Tales

Classic Stories

Grimm Fairy Tales

Gulliver's Travels

Hauff Fairy Tales

Leatherstocking Tales

Reynard the Fox

Robinson Caruso