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Helmar Cigarettes
Movie and Baseball Star Stamps - T332

There are 56 known Helmar actress stamps, and many design variations design variations. (There are 180 baseball stamps).

There are 15 possible actress background design variations; some actresses have been found to have multiple background designs (as many as three in
the group below); and new additions to the checklist of which actresses have different designs are still being made. We show the largest known
group, but there must be collectors who can fill in the gaps.

Please contact Brian at if you have information for the checklist about new actress subjects or design variations.

For our checklist, a parenthetical is used after many of the checklisted names. This is to note the number of design variations that are shown and
the number that are missing.
So, for Bessie Clifford (1/2) means that we show one of two known design variations, whereas for Nanette Comstock (2) means that we show both
known design variations. However, we are missing Adele Ritchie and 20 known design variations.

Lina Abarbanell (2); Margaret Anglin (3); Nora Bayes (2/3); Amelia Bingham (2/3); Billie Burke (3); Mabel Cameron (2);
Emma Carus (2); Marguerite Clark (1); Bessie Clifford (1/2); Nanette Comstock (2); Henrietta Crossman (2);
Margaret Dale (1/2); Violet Dale (2); Marie Doro (2); Alice Dovey (1/2); Louise Dresser (2); Marie Dressler (2);
Minnie Dupree (1/2); Maxine Elliott (2/3); Elsie Ferguson (2); Grace Filkins (1); Bertha Galland (2); Viola Gillette(2)
Ethel Green (1/2); Leonore Harris (1/2); Rose La Harte (1/2); Anna Held (2/3); Lillian Herlein (1/2); Gertrude Hoffman (2)
Dorothy Jordan (2); Doris Keane (2); Hazel Kirke (1); Maud Lambert (2); Ada Lewis (1/2); Clara Lipman (2); Bessie McCoy (2);
Irene Moore (2); Olga Nethersole (3); Flora Parker (1/2); Ruth Pecan (1); Blanche Ring (2/3); Adele Ritchie(?);Grace La Rue (2)
Elsa Ryan (2); Mary Ryan (1/2); Julia Sanderson (2); Blossom Seeley (2); May de Sousa (1/2); Edna May Spooner (1/2);
Grace von Studdiford (1/2); Margaret Sylvia (2); Laurette Taylor (2); Franchon H. Thompson (2); Blanche Walsh (1);
Helen Ware(?) :Flora Zabelle (1/2)