25 card set - all images shown
Image sources - Chuck Millburn, Tom Boblitt, Tom Nisly and Scott Mosley
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1 A Base Tender

2 A Big Hit

3 A Chronic Kicker

4 A Foul Ball

5 A Foul Catch

6 A Good Catch

7 A Good Throw

8 A Heavy Batter

9 A Home Run

10 A Hot Ball

11 A Lively Game

12 A Low Ball

13 A Pitcher in the Box

14 A Regular Ball

15 A Rounder

16 A Short Stop

17 After the Ball

18 Going for Third Base

19 He Serves the Ball

20 Left Field

21 Left on Base

22 No Game

23 Out

24 Stealing a Base

25 Three Out All Out