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Allen & Ginter (25)
American Editors A1
American Indian Chiefs A2
Birds of America A3
Birds of the Tropics A4
City Flags A5
Decorations A6
Fish from Amer Waters A7
Flags Of All Nations- A8
Game Birds of America A9
Government & State Bldgs A10
Quadrupeds A11
Racing Colors A12
Song Birds of the World A13
World's Beauties, 1st Ser - A14
World's Beauties 2nd Ser A15
World's Champions A16
World's Champions 2nd-Ser-A17
World's Racers A18
Floral Album A19
George Washington A20
Napolean A21
Our Navy A22
Paris Exposition A23
Poets in Smokeland A24
World's Inventors A25

Buchner (1)
Offenders and Defenders A70

.... Cameron & Sizer (1)
New Discoveries A72

Consols Cigarettes (1)
Ladies of the White House A71

Duke (9)
Costumes of all Nations A26
Gov, Arms, States & Territories A27
Heroes of the Civil War A28
Postage Stamp A29
Rulers, Flags Arms of Nations-A30
Shadows A31
Sporting Girls A32
Terrors ofAmerica A33
Yacht Colors of the World A34

Goodwin (4)
Baseball Album
..... (Champions 1888) A35
Champions A36
Floral album A37
Games and Sports A38

Halls (2)
Halls - Album 1 A68
Halls - Album 2 A69

.... B. F. Hanes (1)
American Views - A74

Hess (5)
Great Poets - A63
Homes of American Heroes A64
Modern Statutory - A65
Photograph Album- A66
Scenes World's Grtst Battles-A67

Kimball (15)
Album of Ancient Coins A39
Arms of Dominions A40
Ballet Queens A41
Champions of Games & Sports - A42
Dancing Girls of the World - A43
Dancing Women - A44
Fancy Bathers - A45
Goddesses - Greeks & Romans A46
Savage Barbarous Rulers,etc A47
Beacon Lights - A48
Galaxy of Vienna Beauties - A49
Haunts and Memories of Lake George-A50
Homes of Our Favorite Poets - A51
The Hudson River Past Present-A52
Wayside Inn & Snowbound - A53

.... Kinney (9)
Leaders - A54
National Dances - A55
Natural History Album-A56
Amer & Eng Rnng Horses A57
Surf Beauties - A58
Album of Butterflies - A59
Liberty Album - A60
Library Album Number 1 - A61
Library Album Number 2 - A62

Pilkinton (1)
Fruits and Flowers A73

Spaulding & Merrick (1)
Portrait Types of Nations - A75