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Nonsports Card Sets - Late 40s / 1950s

R207..Golden West
R210..Presidents - Trio Gum (1930s)
R348..Sport Pictures...C A Briggs
R224..Presidents - Gold Bond
R421..Babe Ruth...Swell Gum
R701-1..Antique Autos - Bowman
R701-2..None assigned
R701-3..Firefighters - Bowman
R701-4..Movie Preview Flipbooks - Bowman
R701-5..Frontier Days - Bowman
R701-6..America Salutes the FBI - Bowman
R701-7..Uncle Miltie - Bowman
R701-8.. Magic Pictures - Bowman
R701-9..Movie Stars - Bowman
R701-10.. Power for Peace - Bowman
R701-12.. Red Menace - Bowman
R701-13.. Jets, Rockets, Spacemen - Bowman
.................J.R.S. Extention Set - 1980s
R701-14..TV, Radio Stars, NBC - Bowman,52
R701-15..TV, Radio Stars, NBC - Bowman,53
R701-16..U.S Navy Victories - Bowman
R701-17..Presidents ('52) - Bowman
R701-18..Wild Man - Bowman
R701-19..Wild West - Bowman
R707-1..Jets - Topps
R707-3..None assigned
R707-4..Wings - Topps
R708-1..Funny Foldees ('49/55)
R708-2..Funny Valentines
R708-2B..Funny Valentines Series "A"
R708-3..Goofy Postcards
R708-5..You'll Die Laughing - Topps
R709-1..Fighting Marines - Topps
R709-2..Freedom's War - Topps
R709-3..Story Atom Bomb - Topps
R710-1..Elvis Presley - Topps
R710-2..Flip-O-Vision - Topps
R710-3..Hit Stars - Topps
... R710-4..Who-Z-at-Star - Topps
R712-1..Davy Crockett orange - Topps
R712-1b..Davy Crockett green - Topps
R712-1..Hopalong Cassidy Topps
R712-2..Hoppy Foils - Topps
R712-3..Roundup - Topps
R712-4..TV Westerns
R712-5..Zorro - Topps
R714-1..Animals of the World
R714-2..Bring Em Back Alive
R714-5..Flags of the World - Topps
R714-6.Parade-Flags of all Nations
R714-7.Parade-Flags of all Nations
R714-10..Isolation Booth
R714-11..1949 License Plates
R714-12..1950 License Plates
R714-13..License Plates - 1953
R714-16.. Look n See - Topps
R714-17..Rails & Sails - Topps
R714-18..Robin Hood - Topps
R714-19..Scoop - Topps
R714-20..Space Cards - Topps
R714-21..3D Tarzan - Topps
R714-??..Target Moon - Topps
R714-22..Tarzan Savage Fury - 1953
R714-24..World on Wheels - Topps
R714-25.. X-Ray Roundup - Topps
R714-26.. Hocus Focus - Topps
R714-27.. Magic Photos - Topps
R730-1..Three Stooges
R730-2..Indian Trading Cards
R749..Adventure (Gum Products)
R751..Animal Coloring Cards
R754..Cardo 1958 multi-subject set
R762..Pirates - McLean
R770..Television Pak (flip books)
R773..Indian Gum (1947-1958)
R775-1..Jiggley's Circus
R775-2..Jiggley's Military
R790..Pirates - Leaf
R792-2..Ziegler Space Series
R792-3..Ziegler Western Series
... R799lSeries of Games
R800..Ships and Planes (Peco)
R801..Super Circus (Mars Candy)
R814..Tee Vee Skyflyers Feature-Pak Candy)

F757..Comic Characters (Welch's)
F757..Comic Characters (Sugar Daddy)
W536..Lone Ranger Edu-U-Cards
NoReference..U.S Army In Action - Rosan

R722-1..Novel Jungle King
R722-2..Novel Crime Busters
R722-3..Novel Indian Chiefs
R722-4..Novel Mr. Magic
R722-5..Novel Pirate Series
R722-6..Novel Rocket Rangers
R722-7..Novel Super Circus
R722-8..Novel Wild West
R722-9..Novel Casper
R722-10..Novel King Arthur
R722-11..Novel Dick Tracy
R722-12..Novel Winnie Winkle
R722-13..Novel Barrel of Fun
R722-14..Novel Combat Soldier
R722-15..Novel Daniel Boone
R722-16..Novel Davy Crockett
R722-17..Novel Firefighter
R722-18..Novel Foreign Legion
R722-19..Joe Palooka
R722-20..Sad Sack
R722-21..Novel Superman
R722-23..Novel Jimmy Durante
R722-24..Novel Dick Tracy

Novel Boxes /w/ no ACC
Novel Big League