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Soda "J" Posters and Calendars... All "J" images - Mark Finn
Posters .... Calendars

Soda "J" Cards
J1..Beautiful Birds, ~1890
J2..New Series of Beautiful Birds, ~1898
J3..Game Bird Series, 1904
J4..New Series of Birds, 1908
J5..Useful Birds of America, 1st Series, 1915
J6..Useful Birds of America, 2nd Series, 1918
J7..Useful Birds of America, 3rd Series, 1922
J8..Useful Birds of America, Series #4, 1924
J10..Interesting Animals, ~1898
J12..Dairy Animals (Cows), ~1890
J13..Championship Dogs, 1902
J15..Fish Series, 1900
... J16..New Series of Beautiful Flowers, ~1898
J17..Mother Goose Series, 1900

J9-1..Useful Birds of America, 5th Series
J9-2..Useful Birds of America, 6th Series
J9-3..Useful Birds of America, 7th Series
J9-4..Useful Birds of America, 8th Series
J9-5..Useful Birds of America, 9th Series
J9-6..Useful Birds of America, 10th Series
J11..Interesting Animals, 1910
J14..New Series of Dogs, 1910