Non-USA Issues - French and Australian
Battleships - Donat Choc - France
Cowboys,Indians - Donat Chocolates - France
Flags - Donat Chocolates - France
Movie Stars - Donat Choc - France
Indiana-Sport--Donat Choc - France
Indiana-Sport-Avion--Donat Choc - France
Wild West - Hoadley's Chocolates - Australia

Non-USA Issues - U.K. - British
Adventures of Sexton Blake
Battle (UK and USA)
Beatle's Yellow Submarine (Anglo)
Beatle's Yellow Submarine (Primrose)
Believe It Or Not, 1934 (Carrerras)
Captain Scarlet (Anglo Confectionery)
Dan Dare (Calvert)
Danger Man
Dick Dalton - Crimson Cobra
Exploits of William Tell (A&BC)
Exciting World of James Bond
Famous Discoveries and Advenntures
Famous Ships
Film Scene Series-James Bond 007
Legend of Custer (A&BC)
Look n See (Colinville)
Man from U.N.C.L.E. (A&BC)
Moon Shot (Chix)
Pirates (Milkana)
Prairie Pioneers (Colinville Caterers)
Railway Quiz(A&BC)
Red Indians, Ser1 (Gaycon)
Red Indians, Ser2 (Gaycon)
Robbers and Thieves(Goodies)
Rodeo Bubble Gum
Roy Rogers (Kane Prod.)
Ships of the Seven Seas (Chix)
Soldiers of the World (Chix)
Superman in the Jungle (Primrose)
Superman in the Jungle (A&BC)
Speed Kings (Prescott Confect.)
Tarzan (Anglo Gum)
Tarzan (Barratt's)
The Saint
Thriller Picture Story - "Kidnapped"
Thunderball James Bond
The New James Bond (Anglo Confect.)
Totem Pole Talking Signs (Leaf)
Treasure Island (Sweetule)
You Only Live Twice (Somportex}
Victoria Cross Heroes (wrappers)
Rover Warrior Cards (Thomson)
Wild West '61 (Barratt's)
Wild West '63 (Barratt's)
Wild West (Anglo)
Wild Animals (Chix)
Wild West (Weetabix)
Yellow Submarine (Anglo)

Non-USA Issues - Canadian
V1..Airships (Cowan's)

V2.Animals-var. (2 1/4 x 5 1/2)
V2.Animals-ROYAL (2 1/4 x 5 1/2)
V2.Animals-MOM (2 1/4 x 5 1/2)
V2.Animals-ANB (2 1/4 x 5 1/2)

V3.Animals (3 x 4)
V4..Art Series (Cowans)
V5..Badges and Battle Colors
V6..Bird Series (Cowan's)
V8..Boy Scout Series
V9..Canadian Birds (Cowan's)
V10..Canadian Fish (Cowan's)
V11..Forest Trees (Cowan's)
V12..Chickens (Cowan's)
V13..Dog Pictures (Cowan's)
V14..Horse Pictures
V15 - Insig of Canadian Mil. Off.
V16..Learn To Swim
V18..People of the World
V20..Wild Flowers
V21..Color Cards
V32..Woodland (Dominion)
V39..Boy Scouts, Series 1 (Fry)
V40..Boy Scouts, Series 2 (Fry)
V48..Famous Trains (Lowney's)
V49..Just Kids (Lowney's)
V62..Flags (Neilsen)
V75..Birds (Patterson)
V78..Butterflies (Patterson)
V88..Aviation Series (Paterson)
V101..Indian Scenes (Willards)
V102..Men of the Mounted(Willards)
V118..Indian Series (Ganong)
V139..Record Breakers (O-Pee-Chee)
V250..Wings wrappers
V251..Flags of All Nations
V253..American Indian Chiefs
V303..Mickey Mouse (O-Pee-Chee)
V302..Kings and Queens (O-Pee-Chee
V305..Magic Tricks (O-Pee-Chee)
V306..Wild West (O-Pee-Chee)
V338-2..Indianapolis Spdwy Wnrs
V339-1..Adventures of Radisson
V339-3..Cartoon Comics (Parkhurst)
V339-9..Operation Sea Dog
V339-6..Guns & Pistols
V339-7..Satellites and Missiles
V339-12..Race Against Time
V339-xx..Wonderdog Series, Rin-Tin-Tin
V339-13..Believe It Or Not (Parkhurst)
V350 - Action Series (World Wide Gum)
V360 - World War Gum (World Wide Gum)
V339-23..Treasure Island (Buymore Sales)
V401..Aviation Gum (Canadian Goudey)
V402..Premiums (Big 3 & Aviation)
V403..Marine Gum (Canadian Goudey)
V406-1..Victory Gum (Canadian Goudey)
V406-2..Victory Series (Canadian Goudey)
V407..Battle Planes (Cracker Jack)
V408..Victoria Cross (Cracker Jack)
V410..Sports Heroes (Cracker Jack)
V429-2..Movie Stars

xxxxx..Suzanna, the Movie

UNCLASSIFIED ---Como's Wild West
UNCLASSIFIED ---Famous Battles
UNCLASSIFIED ---Prairie Pioneers