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Allen & Ginter "insert card" sets
N1-N34 contain small cards; N35-N44 contain large cards.
N1..American Editors
N2..Indian Chiefs
N3..Arms of All Nations
N4..Birds of America
N5..Birds of the Tropics
N6..City Flags
N7..Fans of the Period
N8..Fish from Am. Waters
N9 & N10..Flags of all Nations
N10 & N9..Flags of all Nations
N11..Flags of the States
N13..Game Birds.
N14..Govt & State Buildings
N15..Great Generals
N16..Natives in Costume.
N17..Naval Flags.
N18..Parasol Drill
N19..Pirates of the Spanish Main
N20..Prize Chickens.
N22..Racing Color
N23...Song Birds
N24.Types of All Nations
N25..Wild Animals of World
N26..World's Beauties, Series 1
N27..World's Beauties, Series 2
N28..World's Champions, 1st Series
N29..World's Champions, 2nd Series
N30..Worlds Decorations
N31..World's Dudes
N32..World's Racers
N33..World's Smokers
N34..World's Sovereigns
N35..American Editors
N36..The American Indian
N37..Birds of America N38..Birds of the Tropics
N39..Fish from American Waters
N40..Game Birds N41..Quadrupeds
N42..Song Birds of the World
N43..World's Champions
N44..The World Decorations
N45..Actors and Actresses
N46..Cigarette Making Girls
N48..Women BB Players
N49..Girl Cyclists
N50..Ships (KINNEY)
N54..Actrsses issue issue
N57..Our Little Beauties
N58..Our Little Beauties
N59..Our Little Beauties
N60 Type 1 - Actresses, etc
N60 Type 2 - Actresses
N61..Dickens Characters issue issue
N64..Little Beauties
N65..Little Beauties issue
N67..Actresses issue