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ACC designations - - D,F,H,U
D1 - Movie Stars (Koester's)
D6- Indian Series (Colonial)
D8 - Animal Pictures
D11 - Folding Animal Cards
D18 - Bird Cards
D?? - Bird Cards (Unclass)
D22 - Cards of the States
D23-3 - Children's Rhymes
D26 - Dog Series (Omar)
D27 - Dotty, Bob and Trix
D28 - Euro. War Flip Cards
D30 - History in Colors
D32 - Film Stars (Drakes)
D36 - State & Wild Flowers
D39-1 Indian Scenes
D39-2 Cal. Bird Pictures
D39-3 Dog Pictures
D39-4 Frontiers Freedom
D39-5 Horses
D39-6 California Missions
D39-7 Nature's Splendor
D39-8 Speed Pictures
D39-9 Good Neighbors
D39-10 Hiist. Of Trans.
D39-11 Bird Pictures
D39-12 California Animals
D39-13 Denizens of Deep
D39-14 Tropical Birds
D39-15 Ship Pictures
D39-16 Victory Pictures
D39-17 Mod. Wndrs Wrld
D39-18 Airplane Pictures
D40 - Great American Circus
D48 - Invis Color Pictures
D48-2 - Invis Color Picture Cutouts
D52 - Adventures of Mickey Mouse
D54 - Mother Goose Toys
D56 - Movie Stars
D57 - Movie Stars
D59 - Nat'l Defense-Gordons Bread
D59 - National Defense - Kinney
D60 - Native American Trees
D64 - Pinocchio Circus
D67 - Presidents (Ward's Tip Top)
D68 - Presidents (Webers)
D72 - Sports Cars - Mothers Cookies
D73 - Mailcarriers
D76 - Magic Tricks (Sunbeam)
D77 - Television and Radio Stars
D82 - Trick Cards - Heydt Bakery
D84 - US Armed Forces - Ward's
D85 - US Planes & Ships
D89 - Ways of the West
D94-3.. Circus - Tip Top
D94-4.. Space Cards - Tip Top
D94-5.. Sport Cars - Tip Top
D94-6.. Dick Tracy - Tip Top
D94-6.. Dick Tracy - Anonymous
D96 - College Yells
D122 - Cut Out Dolls
NO ACC..Coloring Cut-Outs
D128..Kiddie Cut-Outs
D134..Mystic Pictures (Webers)
D135..National Flags
D138..Old Ships
D143..Superman Adv. Pictures
D147..Presidents - Hauck
D149..Wild Bill Hickok-Butter Nut
D150-1..Movie Stars (Gold)..Weber
D150-2..Movie Stars (Silver).Weber
D150-all..Movie Stars ...Weber
UNDES..Cowboy Star Picture Series
UNDES..Know Your States
Dixie lids - odd
Dixie lids - circus
Dixie lids - presidents
F6-2..America's Fighting Forces - Dixie lids
F6-3..America Attacks - Dixie lids
F6-4..Uited Nations - Dixie lids
ALL color Dixie Premiums
F55..Animals - Frosticks
F59-2...Hershey's Our Gang
F60..Presidents - Aristocrat Ice Cream
F71..Adventures of Capt. Chapel
F75..Reg'lar Fellers - "ice cream"
F77..Sports Cars - Hood's
F213.America's Fighting Planes-Coca Cola
F213-3..Nature Series - Coca Cola
F213-4..Wild Flowers - Coca Cola
F213-8..Our America - Coca Cola
F219-1..Stars of Baseball - Royal Desserts
F219-2..Baskeyball/Hockey - Royal Desserts
F219-3..Stars of the Movies - Royal Desserts
F219-4..Stars of the Skies - Royal Desserts
F219-5..Soldiers - Royal Desserts
F219-6..Baseball Photos - Royal Desserts
F219-7..Howdy Doody - Royal Desserts
F219-8..Stars of Wonderland - Royal Desserts
F219-9..Howdy Doody - Royal Desserts
F225-1..Fam. Amer. Indian Chiefs - Hires
F225-2..Famous Flags - Hires
F225-3..Christmas Decorations - Hires
F253..Popsicle Space
F270-1..Recog. Cards
F270-3..Woody Woodpecker
F272-13..Fun at the Breakfast Table
F272-20..Movie Stars - M.G.M.
F272-55..Fight for Freedom
F273-2a..Bird Pictures
F273-2b..Bird Pictures
F273-6..Dog Pictures
F273-12..Hist Making Planes of WWII
F273-13..Mickey Mouse Joinies
F273-18..Kellogg's Pep Model War Planes
F273-19a..Kellogg's Pep Stars, series 1
F273-19a..Kellogg's Pep Stars, series 2
F273-21..Kellogg's Presidents
F273-36..Kellogg's Wings Over America
F273-68a..Kellogg's Adventurer
F273-70..Kellogg's Magic Color Cards
F273-79..Kellogg's Spotter Planes
F274-2...Game Cards -Loose Wills
F274-3...Game Cards -Loose Wills
F274-3a...Beautiful Birds of the West
F274-3b...Beautiful Birds of the West
F275-1 - Alphabet Cards (Nabisco)
F275-4 Foldabirds (Nabisco)
F275-8 Locomotive H-O-F
F275-9 Train-O-Rama
F275-11 Rin Tin Tin
F275-20 TV Puppet Theatre
F275-21 TV Puppet Theatre
F275-27 Wonders of the Wrld
F275-28 Amer Marvels of Nature
F275 Western Comics
F275 Rin Tin Tin offers

F277-1 Heinz Famous Airplanes
F277-2 Heinz Famous Airplanes
F277-3 Heinz Famous Airplanes Premiums
F277-4 Heinz Famous Aviators
F277-5 Heinz Famous Aviators Premiums
F278-6..Circus Toys
F278-7..Currier & Ives prints
F278-10..Flip Movies - Post
F278-11..Grandma Moses Prints
F278-49..Famous Americans
F278-50..Famous Americans
F278-12..Hopalong Cassidy - Post
F278-16..Mighty Mouse Mystery Cards - Post
F278-19..Roy Roger Pop-Outs - Post
F279-3..Bird Series - Quaker
F279-3..Bird Series - Kosto
F279-4..Sgt. Preston - Quaker
F279-5..Challenge of the Yukon
F279-7..Home Defense Planes - Quaker
F279-8..Braves of Indian Nations - Quaker
F279-10..Wild Animals - Quaker Oats
F279-19..Wings of Victory Planes - Quaker
F279-20..Sports Oddities - Quaker
F279-30A..Circus Puppets - Quaker Oats
F279-30B..Circus Masks - Quaker Oats
F279-30C.. Circus Toys - Quaker Oats
F279-TS.. Muffets Thriller
F279-36..War Planes - Quaker
F279-38..Wings of Today Planes - Quaker
F280-2..Space Patrol Magic - Chex
F280-3..Space Patrol - Chex
F281-5..Sports Cars - Skinners
F284-1..Explorers of America
F332-1..Airplanes - Good Luck Margarine
F332-2..Airplanes - Lever Bros
F390..Crusader Rabbit
F373-2..Hoplong Cassidy..(soap)
F375..Jolly Roger

H603..Presidents - Larkin

UM-27 - Lindberg Model Kit Cards

UO-1 - Aeroplanes - Tydol
UO-2 - Airplanes - Richfield Oil
UO-5 - Antique Auto Cards - Signal Oil
UO-6 - Old Auto Prints - Cities Service
UO-23 - Man Made Wonders
UO-33 - Victory Album - Hi-Speed Gas
UO-64 - Race to Treasure Island
UO-67 - Space Fleet - Skelly
Hopalong-Aid - Bol Mfg Co
Magic Pictures - A.J.Wildman

License Plates - 1953 -Wheaties
License Plates - 1954 -Wheaties

Comic Stars (b/w)
Comic Stars (color)
Comic Stars (variations)