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Other tobacco company's "insert card" sets & tobacco postcards

N48 & N508 Womens Baseball
..........Virginia Brights, Dixie & Sub Rosa
N50..Mult.Companies- Ships - need 10
N250..Lorillard - Actresses
N256..Lorillard - Ancient Mythology, etc
N257..Lorillard - Beautiful Women
N258..Lorillard - Playing Cards
N259..Lorillard - Types of the Stage
N260..Lorillard - Flirtations
N263..Lorillard - Actresses
N264..Lorillard - Actresses
N265..Lorillard - Actresses in Opera Roles
N266..Lorillard - Boxing Positons & Boxers
N267..Lorillard - Die Cuts
N268..Lorillard - Circus Scenes
N269..Lorillard - Boxers
N271..Lorillard - Every Day Annoyances
N295..Mayo - Actresses
N298..Mayo - Actresses
N303..Mayo Costumes of Warriors & Soldiers
N304..Mayo Costumes and Flowers
N305..Mayo Head Dresses of Various Nations
N306..Mayo National Flowers
N308..Mayo Naval Uniforms
N311..Mayo Shakespeare Characters
N312..Wings of Birds of Plumage
N321..Calif. League - Hess
N323..Poker hands - Hess
N353..Ladies of the White House
N360..Little Rhody - Baseball Scenes
N366..Language of Flowers
N370..Rulers, etc
N375..Ellis - Breeds of Dogs
N377..Ellis - Civil War Generals
N380..Ellis - Actresses
N388..National Types
N400..State Seals (Yum Yum)
N408..Typical Ships (Marburg)
N412..Seal of N. Carolina
N437..Actresses - Drummond
N442..Horshoe - Drummond
N446..Imperial Images
N453..Banner Tobacco - Beauties
N457..Calvi & Moore - "black backs"
N458-2..Calvi & Moore - Hard-a-port
N458-4..Calvi & Moore - Hard-a-port
N459..Rope Knots
N462..Cameron & Sizer - The New Discovery
N463..Sports Girls
N472..Presidents - Yum Yum
N476..Actresses and Celebrities - Mrs Miller
N477..Alphabet Cards - Mrs Miller
N488..Actresses (types) Mrs Miller
N508 & N48 Womens Baseball
N505..Actresses King Bee Tobacco
N520..Virginia Brights "Gold Watch"
N520..Actresses (many issuers)
N537..Little Rhody - Actresses and Inventions
N554..Finzer - Inventors and Inventions
N557..National Sports
N566..Newboy Cabinets
N579..Actresses - Key West Favors
N657..Actresses (Kal. Bats)
N662..Actresses (Mackinaw)
N691..Indian Chiefs

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