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Silks (USA)

Visual Link - USA Silks
.... Felts (USA)


B16-1a..College Felts,large

B16-1b..College Felts,large

B16-3..College Felts,large

B32..College Felts,large

B33..College Sports Felts

B34..Soldier Felts

B51..College Pennants Felts

B70..Indian Flannels

BF1..Allied Heroes Felts

BF2..Actresse Felts

BF3..College Pennants, Mini

BF12-1..Mini Indian Blankets

B12-3.Indian Animal Pelts

BF13..Ship Pennant Felts

BF101..Airship Felts
.... Silks (Canadian)

Army Regimental Silks (tobacco)

SC9 - Rulers and Flags (tobacco)

Silk Premium (gum)