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Baseball (& selected sports sets) 1880s-1960s
(cards, leathers, banners, albums)

N28..A&G World's Champions, 1st Series
N29..A&G World's Champions, 2nd Series
N43..A&G World's Champions
N48 & N508 Womens Baseball
N135..Duke Talk of the Diamond
N154..Duke Pres. Possibilities-BB
N162..Goodwin Champions
N165..Goodwin Games of Sports
N174..Prize Fighters (Old Judge)
N184..Kimball Champions
N266..Boxing Positons & Boxers
N284..Buchner Gold Coin
N310..Boxers (Mayo)
N321..California League - Hess
N344..Athletes - Hess
N360..Little Rhody Baseball Scenes
N370..Celebrities, BB, etc

H813-1..Boston Garter, 1912

H813-2..Boston Garter, 1913

H813-3..Boston Garter, 1914

..... 1888 Baseball Scrapps

Kimball Champions Banner

A&G World's Champions Album A16
A&G World's Champions 2nd Series Album A17
Goodwin Champions Album A36
Obak's Album (printer's proof)

L1..Baseball Leathers

B18 blankets, alpha
B18 blankets, by team

BF2 baseball player pennants
S22 college athletes silks
S74 baseball player silks
S110 silks - "pillow cover"

T3..Turkey Red Baseball Series
T6..Murad College Series
T9/T3 Prizefighter Series
T51..Helmar College Series
T221..Women Champion Swimmers
T230..World Champion Athletes

T332..Baseball Stamps (Helmar)

..... D382 Tarzan Bread Ballplayers
R302 Demaree Die Cuts
R318 Batter-Up
R300..Geo. Miller
R302-1 & R302-2
R326..Thum Movies (Goudey)
R328..Sports Heroes (US Caramel)
R332..Major League Secrets
R343..Football (Mayfair Candies)
'48/49 Leaf Boxing
'49 Ringside Boxing

1948 Leaf Baseball
1948..The Babe Ruth Story
1948 Baseball - Bowman Gum
1950 - Drakes Baseball
1950 - Royal Stars of Baseball
1950 - Sport Thrills (Swell Gum)
1950s - Bread Labels
1950 - Topps Football Felts
1951 - Topps All-Stars
1951 - Topps Teams
1951 - Topps "blue"backs
1951 - Parade of Champions
1952 - Wheaties 60 Champions
1954 - Dan Dee
1954 - Big League Baseball - Red Heart
1955 Double Headers - Topps
1959 Ted Williams - Fleer
1965 Push-Pull - Topps