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Identify Your Strip Cards

Unclassified - Boy Scouts
Unclassified - Charlie Chaplin, blue
Unclassified - Charlie Chaplin, unnumb/slanted
Unclassified - Charlie Chaplin, unnumb/straight
Unclassified - Historical Characters, 3 lines
Unclassified - MBSC Co.
Unclassified - Movie Stars, color, cuts
Unclassified - Movie Stars, 3 line
Unclassified - Movie Stars, names in caps
Unclassified - Movie Stars (similar to "Strollers"
Unclassified - Movie Stars, numbered, color, slanted
Unclassified - Movie Stars, wild colors, auto
Unclassified - Movie Stars, wild colors, not auto
Unclassified - Nursery Rhymes
W511 - Movie Stars
W512 - Baseball Stars
W539 - Charlie Chaplin
W542 - Sports
W545 - Leaders, scenes, insignias
W547 - Presidents - Golden Press
W552 - Baseball positions
W560 - Celebrities/Heroes
W562 - Presidents
W563 - Presidents (Universal)
W589v1 - Presidents-v1, b+w
W589v2 - Presidents-v2, b+w
W589v3 - Wives of Presidents, b+w
W603 - Ships & Planes
W612 - American History in Pictures