Subject - Aviation & Space

T28..Aeroplane Series
T38..The Aviators
W603 - Ships & Planes

R5..Aeroplanes - Wischmann's
R8-1..Peco Airplanes .. 1930s
R8-2..Peco Airplanes .. 1940s
R47..Shelby Fighting Planes
R65..History of Aviation (Goudey)
R136..Nat'l Chicle - Sky Birds
R137..Sky Birds (Goudey)
R177..Zoom Airplanes
R707-3..Real Flying Models
... F332-1..Airplanes - Good Luck Margarine
D94-4.. Space Cards - Tip Top
F279-7..Home Defense Planes - Quaker
F279-19..Wings of Victory Planes - Quaker
F279-38..Wings of Today Planes - Quaker
F280-2..Space Patrol Magic - Chex
F280-3..Space Patrol - Chex
R800..Ships and Planes (Peco)

Captain Scarlet - British
Jets - Topps
Jets, Rockets, Spacemen - Bowman
Lost in Space - Topps
Man on the Moon - Topps
Mars Attacks - Topps
Outer Limits - Topps
Space Cadet (Tom Corbett)
Space Cards - Topps
Star Trek - Leaf
Wings - Topps