Movie Stars
& Beauties
N7..Fans of the Period
N18..Parasol Drill
N26..World's Beauties, Series 1
N27..World's Beauties, Series 2
N70..Actors & Actresses, 1st Series
N71..Actors & Actresses, 2nd Series
N73..Fancy Ball Costumes
N75..Floral Beauties
N82..Musical Instruments
N94..Actors and Actresses..need 7
N95..Duke Actresses
N96..Duke Actresses
N98..Duke Actresses
... N110..French Novelties
N166 - Occupations for Women
N225 - National Dances
N232 - Surfing Beauties
N185..Kimball - Dancing Girls
N186..Kimball - Dancing Women
N187..Kimball - Fancy Bathers
N188..Kimball - Goddesses - need 2
N264..Red Cross/Sensations Actresses
N265..Lorillard -Actresses in Opera Roles
N304..Mayo Costumes and Flowers
... T106..State Girls
T332..Helmar Stamps
E123..Caramel Movie Stars
E124..Caramel Movie Stars

R273-19a..Kellogg's Pep Stars, series 1
R273-19b..Kellogg's Pep Stars, series 2

R68..Shelby Hollywood Stars
R90..Mickey Mouse/Movie Stars
R95..Movie Stars (8x10)
R96-1..Movie Stars (5x7)
R97-2..Movie Gum
R133..Movie Stars
R134..Movie Stars
R197..Screen Stars (Blatz)
Magic Photos - Topps
Movie Stars - Bowman
Who-Z-At Star

Sunbeam Bread Labels