Historical (incl. flags)
N3..Arms of All Nations
N6..City Flags
N7..Fans of the Period
N9 & N10..Flags of all Nations
N10 & N9..Flags of all Nations
N11..Flags of the States
N14..Govt & State Buildings
N17..Naval Flags.
N18..Parasol Drill
N24.Types of All Nations
N34..World's Sovereigns
N44..The World Decorations
N109 - Flags & Costumes
N126..Rulers, Flags, Arms
N126..Rulers, Flags, Arms
N225 - National Dances
N305..Head Dresses of Var. Nations
T69..Historic Homes
T70..Historical Event Series
T89..National Types

R58..Generals & Their Flags
R80..League of Nations
R714-5..Flags of the World - Topps