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A70 Defenders & Offenders (Buchner album)
N-281 American Scenes with a Policeman
N-283 Defenders and Offenders
N-284 Buchner Set (w/police)
N-287 NYC Scenes
... R13-1 American G-Men
R13-2 American G-Men
R36 Cops and Robbers
R37 Crime Did Not Pay
R41 Dick Tracy (Walter Johnson)
R42 Dick Tracy (Novel Candy)
R60 G-Men & Heroes of the Law
R61 Govt. Agents vs Public Enemies
R145 Superman
R146 Superman (Leader)
R156 True Spy Stories
R202 Fireman Pictures (Holloway)
... R701-3 Firefighters
R701-6 America Salutes the FBI
R734-2 Good Guys & Bad Guys
R735-2 Untouchables (Leaf)
F-279-4 Sgt. Preston