Generals & War
N78..Histories of Generals
N114..Histories of Generals
N377..Ellis - Civil War Generals
T63..Generals & Admirals
T64..McAlpin Generals
T68..Heroes of History
T79..Military Series
T80..Military Series
T81..Recruit Cigars - Military
T402..Battle Scenes
E1..Army Series
E2..Navy Officers
... R43..Doughboys
R54..The Foreign Legion
R58..Generals & Their Flags
R67..Heroes of the Sea
R99..The Nightmare of Warefare
R114..American Heroes
R142..Soldier Boys
R170..Warriors of the World
U.S Army In Action - Rosan
Civil War News - Topps

WORLD WAR II related
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Jiggley's Army
Fighting Marines - Topps
Freedom's War - Topps
Red Menace - Topps
U.S Navy Victories - Bowman