Fritz Gerald Previlon



About Me

I received my Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Northeastern University in May 2012. I am now a Graduate Student at the same institution in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department. I am part of the Northeastern University Computer Architecture Research group pursuing a Ph.D in Computer Engineering. My research focuses on system reliability, more specifically on the analysis of the effects of soft errors on computer systems. I have also worked on architectural simulation of embedded processors and on the implementation of a MIPS emulator within the CPU-GPU simulation framework: Multi2Sim.



November 2018
  • My paper on accelerating GPU reliability assessment is accepted at DATE 2019 to be held in March 2019 in Florence, Italy.

  • Julian Gutierrez presented his paper (which I co-authored) about teaching GPU programming in Dallas, TX at EduHPC-18, co-located with SC'18.

  • Charu Kalra presented her paper (which I co-authored) about predicting resilience of GPU applications in Dallas, TX at SC'18.
April 2018 A paper that I have co-authored is published in IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science.
March 2018 Presented my paper at DATE 2018 in Dresden, Germany. Picture
October 2017 Co-authored paper is presented by Caio Lunardi at RADECS in Geneva.
August 2017 Prof. David Kaeli presented our invited paper at MWSCAS'17 in Boston, MA.
March 2017 Presented my paper about dependence of application resilience on input data at SELSE-13 in Boston, MA. Picture
April 2016 Successfully defended my MS Thesis.
March 2016 Presented our work from co-op at AMD Research at SELSE-12 in Austin, TX.
December 2015 Ended my co-op at AMD Research
June 2015 Our paper on Embedded Design education, detailing the structure of the Embedded Design class (for which I was a teaching assistant) was presented in the Workshop on Computer Architecture Education in Portland, OR.
May 2015 Started a co-op at AMD Research, working in Reliability and Program Vulnerability Factor modeling.
April 2015
  • Presented a Poster on Reliability and Approximate Computing at RISE (Research, Innovation and Scholarship Expo)

  • Presented our work on ACE interference, at SELSE-11 in Austin, TX.
December 2014 Co-authored a paper on a Methodology to Calculate AVF for Multi-bit Transient Faults at MICRO (19% Acceptance Rate).



Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Northeastern University
Phone: (857) 218-0815