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My Name is Julian Gutierrez, and I'm an Electrical Engineer.

I'm currently pursuing my first year of the Masters Degree program in Computer Engineering at Northeastern University. My research interests include Computer Systems, High Performance Computing, Computer Architecture, Memory Systems and the impact of energy efficiency and new emerging technologies in these fields.


Intel / Structural Design Engineer


Worked as an RCG in Graphics Structural Design team (VPG department) and after a year, was assigned as an SEO (section owner) on later stages of the same project. In this time, was in charge of 6 partitions and later 8 (5 team members), being able to complete the work 4 weeks behind intended schedule. Due to good performance, was later assigned as Local Project Manager (for Costa Rica, 14 team members) on the same project and received a Gold Award for such contributions. Later transitioned to a new project handling the development of 1 section (11 partitions) for the whole design process from synthesis to tape-in, where the section was the first to release the design.

University of Costa Rica / Lecturer


Worked as lecturer for multiple bachelors’ courses and also had an active participation in extracurricular activities such as ElectrizArte, handling over 8 graduation projects, and administrative jobs.

Hewlett and Packard / Student Worker


Programmed in Specman language “e” in order to create verification environments for two RTL designs at HP Networking Group. Specifically provided and created the complete verification environment for a complex module which involved hundreds of signal/command verification.

Current Work / Research

Northeastern University Computer Architecture Research Laboratory.

Current Papers:

  • Fanny Nina-Paravecino, Julian Gutierrez, Norm Rubin, Qianqian Fang, and David Kaeli. "Exploiting Nested Parallelism to Accelerate Parallel Recursive Graph Algorithms." 1st International Workshop on Architecture for Graph Processing (AGP), Jun, 2017.
  • Julian Gutierrez, Fanny Nina-Paravecino, and David Kaeli. "A fast level-set segmentation algorithm for image processing designed for parallel architectures." Proceedings of the Sixth Workshop on Irregular Applications: Architectures and Algorithms(IA^3). IEEE Press, 2016.

Poster Presentations:

  • Daniel Goldstein, Julian Gutierrez and David Kaeli. "Dynamic Parallelism Performance Evaluation on Image Segmentation Algorithms" RISE: 2017, Northeastern University, 2017.
  • Benjamin Trapani, Julian Gutierrez and David Kaeli. "A Fast Parallel Level Set Segmentation Algorithm for 3-D Images" RISE: 2017, Northeastern University, 2017.
  • Julian Gutierrez, Fanny Nina-Paravecino, and David Kaeli. “A Fast Level-Set Segmentation Algorithm Leveraging Parallel Architectures.” Programming and Tuning Massively Parallel Systems (PUMPS) Summer School, July 11-15, 2016.

Additional information:

Currently finishing my master thesis on improving the performance of a neural network algorithm to enable real-time face detection on a full HD resolution video. Through the use of Caffe, C++ OpenCV, and Pthreads, we enable a fully parallelized pipeline that is capable of achieving real-time performance on a Full-HD Video with robust and accurate predictions from the deep learning models.

I'm also working on performance improvement of algorithms in high performance computing, particularly using GPUs.


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