Macromolecular Innovations in NanoMaterial Utilizing Systems Laboratory


Welcome to the website for the MINUS lab. 

The lab is located in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Northeastern University in Boston, MA, USA. 

The MINUS lab is focused on the study of polymer-based nano-carbon composites.  We are interested in fundamental studies of polymer/nano-carbon interphase morphology development in the composites during processing procedures. These kind of studies aim to contribute toward understanding principles behind structured assembly of nano-scale morphology and its associated mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties. The research work also expands the scientific and technological base for understanding the manipulation of nano-scale matter during composite fabrication as it pertains to building mechanically superior materials.

The Interdisciplinary research of the MINUS lab contributes to many fields beyond mechanical engineering including, polymer science and engineering, materials science and engineering, chemistry, and physics.



Dr. Marilyn L. Minus, principal Investigator & Director

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Northeastern University

360 Huntington Avenue, 334 Snell Engineering Center

Boston, MA, USA.

Ph. (617) 373-2608    Fax. (617) 373-2921