132A Mugar Health Sciences Building Northeastern University, Boston, MA


The ADDRES Laboratory consists of 1000 square feet of laboratory space within the Mugar Health Sciences Building at Northeastern University (NU). The Mugar Health Sciences Building is the home of various health science and biologically-oriented research laboratories complimentary to the ADDRES research program in drug delivery and tissue engineered models of the drug delivery environment.

The ADDRES laboratory space is split into two main areas: a cell culture area and a compound analysis area.

The cell culture area is equipped with water-jacketed mammalian cell culture incubators (Thermo); a biological safety cabinet (Forma class II, A2); and benchtop, cabinet space, and a double sink for storing chemicals, preparing media, and preparing glassware. A fluorescence microscope (Nikon) with video capabilities is connected to a computer with image analysis software. The compound analysis area, separated from the cell culture area by a central benchtop, is equipped with a fumehood; solvent storage cabinets; and benchtop, cabinet space, and a sink for storing chemicals, running dissolution and precipitation experiments, and preparing glassware.

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