Former Students

Mukul Ashtikar

Mukul AshtikarGraduate Student
Project: Dissolution Kinetic in Intestinal Fluids

Mukul worked to determine the effect of food on dissolution kinetics of drugs in intestinal fluids using in-vitro dissolution models.

M.S - Pharmaceutical Sciences,
Northeastern University,
Boston, USA, 2008

B.S - Pharmaceutical Sciences,
University of Mumbai,
Mumbai, India, 2006

Saloni Bhardwaj

Northeastern HuskiesGraduate Student
Project: Physiological Modeling of GI Tract to Predict the Effect of Cyclodextrin on Oral Drug Delivery

Saloni worked to develop physiological models of the gastrointestinal tract as a series of well-mixed compartments for predicting oral delivery of poorly soluble drugs delivered with cyclodextrin. Saloni also researched techniques to predict the precipitation kinetics of pharmaceutical compounds.

B.S Tech. Chemical and Bio Engineering
National Institute of Technology
Jalandhar, India 2004

Fulden Buyukozturk

Fulden BuyukozturkGraduate Student
Project: Influence of Micro - and Nano - emulsion Based Drug Delivery Systems on Digestion Kinetics and Mucosal Permeability.

Fulden worked to develop models for formulation of emulsion-based drug delivery systems. She investigated key mechanistic aspects (digestion kinetics, mucosal permeability) of emulsion based drug delivery systems for the oral delivery of water insoluble drugs.

B.S. Chemical Engineering
Istanbul Technical University
Istanbul, Turkey 2006

Jason Crater

Jason CraterUndergraduate Student
Project: Particle Tracking in Intestinal Mucus

Jason used multiple particle tracking techniques to study the effects of surface chemistry on nanoparticle transport through native and purified gastrointestinal mucus.

B.S. Chemical Engineering
Minoring in Biochemical Engineering and Biology
Northeastern University
Boston, MA 2009

Selena Di Maio

Selena Di MaioGraduate Student
Project: Effects of Lipids on Dissolution and Absorption of Poorly Water-soluble Drugs

Selena studied the effects of lipids in the gastrointestinal tract on dissolution and absorption of water-insoluble drugs. Her worked on developing a model to predict the food effect on compound absorption after oral delivery.

BS. and  MS. in Chemistry
University of Bologna,
Bologna, Italy, 2007


* Research assistant fellowship 2007-2008 in the the NanoBioScience and NanoBioTecnology lab at the University of Bologna

D. Ece Gamsiz

Ece Gamsiz SenGraduate Student
Project: Computational Modeling of Intestinal Drug Delivery Environment

Ece worked on development of mathematical models to predict the effect of drug delivery technologies (cyclodextrins, lipid-based systems) on oral absorption of insoluble drugs.

M.S. Biological Sciences and Bioengineering
Sabanci University
Istanbul, Turkey 2003

B.S. Chemical Engineering
Istanbul Technical University
Istanbul, Turkey 2001

Sean Kevlahan

Sean KevlahanGraduate Student
Project: Intestinal Progenitor Cell Isolation

Sean developed a method of isolating intestinal progenitor cells from a heterogenious cellular mixture with the use of microfluidic devices, negative selection, and co-culturing techniques.

B.S. Biochemistry
Hosftra University
Hempstead, NY 2009


Brian J McMahon

Brian J McMahonGraduate Student
Project: Tissue Engineering of Intestine

Brian worked to fabricate materials with the nano-and micro-topography of the intestinal epithelial layer using Chemical Vapor Deposition.

B.S. Chemical Engineering
Northeastern University
Boston, MA 2007

Ankit Mehta

Ankit MehtaGraduate Student
Transport Studies Across Intestinal Mucus

Ankit investigated the hindrance of intestinal mucus to drug absorption. He also studied nanoparticle diffusion across intestinal mucus.

B.E. - Chemical Engineering,
University of Mumbai,
Mumbia, India, 2005



Courtney Pfluger

Courtney PflugerGraduate Student
Project: Nano - and Micro - Scale Replication of Intestinal Basement Membrane using Chemical Vapor Deposition

Courtney worked on replicating the surface topology of the intestinal basement membrane using Chemical Vapor Deposition to create a mold of the surface. She cultured intestinal cells will on the mold, and studied the influence of the topology on cell phenotype.

B.S. Chemical Engineering
Northeastern University
Boston, MA 2005

Vatsala Sadasivan

Vatsala SadasivanGraduate Student
Project: Molecular Modeling of Intestinal Mucus

Vatsala worked to develop molecular models of human intestinal mucus. These models could be used to study molecular-level interactions between drugs and mucus components and their influence on drug transport.

B.S. (Honors) Chemical Engineering
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Lincoln, Nebraska 2003

James Sims

James Sims

Undergraduate Student
Project: Drug Precipitation in the GI Tract

James studied the kinetics of drug precipitation in the intestinal environment.

B.S. Chemical Engineering
Northeastern University
Boston, MA 2009

Hasan Yildiz

Hasan YildizGraduate Student
Project: Barrier Properties of Mucus

Hasan focused on understanding the mucus barrier, its transport characterization and advances with drug delivery systems designed to overcome it.

B.S. Chemical Engineering 
EGE University 
Izmir, Turkey 2007


Lin Wang

Lin Wang Graduate Student
Project: Tissue Engineering of Intestine

Lin worked to develop an accurate drug absorption model using monolayers of intestinal epithelial cells. Her work focused on studying intestinal epithelial cell attachment and growth on chemically and topographically modified substrates.

M.S. Chemical Engineering
Xiamen University,
Xiamen, Fujian P.R. China, 2004

B.S. Chemical Engineering
Xiamen University,
Xiamen, Fujian P.R. China, 2001

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