Complex Dynamic Systems and Control Laboratory


Payam Nia

Control Analysis of Linear Time-Invariant Time-Delay Systems, Robotics. Read more..

Wei Qiao

My research includes the stability analysis of coupled dynamic system and multi-agent consensus control in presence of delays. Design of network topologies that can withstand larger delays without loosing stability.The most updated progress is Responsible Eigenvalue concepts in networked systems with time delay. Read more..

Melda Ulusoy

Braille is a method of writing which enables visually impaired people to read and write through touch. Being able to read and write in Braille can vitally enhance the education, career and quality of life of a visually impaired person. Therefore, development of Braille reading and writing devices is of great importance. Read more..

Keivan Sadeghzadeh

Human-environment interaction is difficult to model because many aspects of human behavior are still unknown and there exists no basis to mathematically model the environment in which a task is... Read more..

Naiqian Zhi

Fine motor control disorders are primarily found in patients with Parkinson’s Disease (PD), Essential Tremors, and Dystonia, and affect 10-12 million people in the US. Tremor can adversely impact a number of functions, including handwriting. Therefore, development of a writing implement that accommodates kinetic tremors is very useful and important. Read more..

Andranik Valedi

My research comprises experimental verification of the effects of delay on dynamic system stability and control. DC motors with encoders are used as test systems to introduce and investigate control algorithms, which are developed using an I/O... Read more..

Ehsan Abbaszadeh

Hand tremor is an involuntary muscle movement, trembling, or shaking of the hands. Caused by either Essential Tremor (ET) or diseases like Parkinson’s and Dystonia, tremors often affect daily activities including feeding, drinking, typing, and writing. Read more..

John D’Agostino

In today’s increasingly energy deficient world, there are a number of initiatives to reduce energy consumption. One of these is the Smart Grid, designed to decrease the amount of energy used by the electrical power generation sector. The Smart Grid has two important... Read more..