Xiangyu Li

About Me

I am currently a phd student at ECE Department, Northeastern University. My advisor is Dr. David Kaeli. I am a member of Northeastern University Computer Architecture Research Group (NUCAR). I received my B.Eng. degree of Computer Science from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT) in 2010.


My research interests are Computer Architecture and GPGPU (General Purpose computing on Graphic Processing Unit).

Medical Ultrasound Imaging on GPUs

I have transferred Synthetic Aperture Sequential Beamforming in ultrasound image processing onto GPU when I was in Technical University of Denmark as a trainee researcher.
I am currently working with BK Medical on processing ultrasound image on low-cost devices.

Parallel Algorithms on GPUs

I am currently working on running matrix manipulations on GPUs to achieve a better performance/power ratio.

Huge Data Analysis on GPUs

I am also seeking the use of GPUs in data centers on processing huge data.

Contact Information

xili "at" ece "dot" neu "dot" edu
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Northeastern University
140 The Fenway, Boston, MA