Research Interests

  • Intelligent Human-Machine Interaction
  • Human Friendly Mechatronics
  • Human Machine System Integration and Evaluation
  • Adaptive Human Machine Interface Design
  • Noninvasive Intelligent Sensors and Smart Sensing Systems
  • Human State Multimodality Sensing and Information Fusion
  • Human Assistance System
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems and Transportation Safety
  • Human Factors in Healthcare, Patient Safety, Wearable Sensors, Telemedicine


Funded Research Projects (2004~present)

  • SCH: INT: Collaborative Research: Novel Computational Methods for Continuous Objective Multimodal Pain Assessment Sensing System (COMPASS), NSF (Lead PI)
  • Cognition-driven Display for Navigation Activities (Cog-DNA):Personalized Spatial Information System Based on Information Personality of Firefighters, NIST (Co-PI)  
  • Collaborative research: Less is More: Personalized Spatial Information System Based on Real-Time Cognitive Load for First Responders in Emergency Indoor Wayfinding, NSF (Co-PI)
  • I-Corps: Thin Film Cardiac Sensor, NSF (PI)
  • Towards Human Friendly Mechatronics: Cognitive Detection and Bio-feedback Control in Human-Robot Interaction (PI)
  • Integrated Individualized Modeling towards Cognitive Control of Human-Machine Systems, NSF (PI)
  • CAREER: Bridging Cognitive Science and Sensor Technology: Non-intrusive and Multi-modality Sensing in Human-Machine Interactions, NSF (PI)
  • Driver Drowsiness Recognition Using Eye-tracking and Physiological Technologies (PI)
  • CNT-Integrated Sensing System for Human State Detection, NSF (PI)
  • Evaluating Usability and Driver Distraction (Co-PI)
  • Detection and Diagnosis of Driver Characteristics and States (PI)
  • Investigation of Novel Technology for Intelligent Interface (PI)
  • Modeling and Simulation Environment for Networked Critical Infrastructure, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and PSPEC (Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada) (Co-PI)
  • Integrated Design of Function, Usability and Aesthetics (PI)
  • A Non-intrusive Eyegaze Instrument for Real Time Operator's Attention Tracking, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada, Research Tools and Instruments Grant (PI)
  • Intelligent Adaptive Interface: Theory and Application in Vehicle, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada, Discovery Grant (PI)


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