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Parallel Computing

  • POSIX Threads (notes)
  • OpenMP cheatsheet(pdf)
  • Intel OpenCL on ubuntu 16.04 (post)
  • Install Tensorflow (tf-gpu) (cudnn)

Signal Processing

  • Parallel IIR on GPU (git)
  • Speech Processing: Noise Reduction (cpu) (git)
  • CPU FFTW (source)
  • CUDA FFT Demo (git)

Deep Learning

  • Deep Traffic : 75.97 MPH (leaderboard)
  • Handwritten digits recognition using TFLearn(git)
  • IMDB sentiment analysis using TFLearn(git)
  • Keras: CNN image classifier (cat_vs_dog)(git)
  • Image Classification on CIFAR-10 using tensorflow (git)
  • Transfer Learning using VGG (notebook)
  • TV script generation using RNN (notebook)
  • Language Translation (RNN) in Tensorflow (notebook)
  • Developed tensorflow tutorial for COTI lab (tf basics)


  • Top-500 GPU Info (report)
  • Tricks for GPU Optimization (gist)
  • Build GPU-supported functions in Matlab (tutorial)
  • Build CUDA applications in Python (post)
  • Concurrent Kernel Execution: vector add example (git)
  • CUDA Texture for 3D array (git)
  • Linear and Logistic Regression (git)
  • Benchmark GPU Architecture (git)
  • Check resource usage for OpenCL kernel
    on Nvidia GPUs.(git repo)
  • Mixed-Precision Computation
    on NVIDIA Pascal GPUs (code)
  • cuda reference


  • cuda_timeline : automatic timeline generation with annotation (git)
  • Bencharmk data transfer overlapping for concurrrent kernel execution.(git)
  • PCA for feature extraction (git)
  • Identify overlapping rate for CKE kernels(git)
  • CUDA kernel block trace visualizer(git)
  • Average Block Execution Model(git)
  • KNN python (gist)



  • List user home directory size (gist)
  • Git usage (doc)
  • Shell Scripting (note)
  • Linux Cheatsheet (doc)
  • Makefile Ticks (gist)
  • X2GO tricks(doc)
  • SVN tricks(doc)


  • Record your desktop screen in ubuntu 16.04 (tutorial)
  • Extract HD image from pdf (google doc)
  • Reinstall Ubuntu (manual)
  • Multiprocessing in Python (note)
  • PCA Tutorial (note)
  • nvidia tools (note)
  • opencl tools (note)

Public Gits

  • Run ipynb file without launching notebook (gist)