Director of Industrial Engineering and Associate Chair
Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (MIME)
College of Engineering
375 Snell Engineering Center (Office)
Northeastern University
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
Tel: (617) 373-4850
FAx: (617) 373-2921
E-mail: emelas@coe.neu.edu


Ph.D. Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Univ of Massachusetts Amherst, 1980
Major field: Operations Research - Minor: Production/Manufacturing Systems

M.B.A. University of Massachusetts, 1976
Major field: Management Science - Minor: Operations Management/Finance

Diploma in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (5 year program)
National Technical University of Athens, Greece, 1969
Major: Electric Power Generation and Distribution - Minor: Mechanics


1979-present Northeastern University, Boston, MA; Teaching, Research and Service
1977-1979 University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts; Research Associate
1971-1977 Hellenic Cables, S.A., Athens, Greece (Affiliate, PHELPS DODGE, NY);
Senior Industrial Engineer, Department of Methods and Studies (1975-1977)
Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Department of Rubber and Plastic Cables (1972-1975)
Junior Manufacturing Engineer, Department of Quality Assurance (1971-1972)


Certified Manufacturing Engineer
Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)


IEM G205 Deterministic Operations Research, FALL 2005 Syllabus
MIM 3531 Operations Research II, WINTER 2003
MIM 3524 Multi-Criteria Decision Making, WINTER 2002
MIM 3513 Network Analysis and Advanced Linear Programming, WINTER 2003
MIM 1425 Operations Research II (undergraduate), SPRING 2002
MIM 1325 Operations Research 1 (undergraduate), FALL 2002
MIM 3132 C-UNIX for Information Systems, SUMMER 2001


Master of Science in Operations Research
Jointly offered by the MIME Department and the Department of Mathematics at Northeastern University

Link to the Operations Research Professional Society (INFORMS)
Link to the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE)


Professor Melachrinoudis conducts research within the Operations Research discipline. In particular, he is doing research in Multiple Criteria Optimization, Facilities Planning and Location, Production/Manufacturing Systems, Project/Technology Selection, and Stochastic Modeling and Network Reliability. Published examples include the location or relocation of manufacturing facilities and airports using multiple criteria optimization, the routing of hazardous transport vehicles and the optimal location of service centers in a network to maximize network reliability. Of recent interest is the location of base stations in cellular radio communication systems and the distribution network design in supply chain management. He has carried out several research projects with local agencies and industries.

Specific areas of interest and links to relative publications follow:

                    Finite Percolation Network - Animation
                     Group Decision Making
                     Fourier - Motzkin Elimination
                     Physical Programming 1. 2
                      Relocation of Manufacturing/Distribution Facility 1. 2
                     Reliable Route Planning in HAZMAT Transportation
                     Location of a Service Center on a Tree with Unreliable Edges
                     Design of a CDMA Cellular System Configuration
                      Mixed Integer Knapsack with Linear Multiple Choice Constraints
                      Allocating Funds to Highway Safety Improvements
                      Semi-obnoxious Facility Location
                          1.     Euclidean space
                          2.     Rectilinear space
                          3.     Network Space


U.S. Army Materials Laboratory; Natick Research, Development and Engineering Center; Maine Forest Service; Society of Manufacturing Engineering; Northeastern University.


“A Mixed Integer Knapsack Model for Allocating Funds to Highway Safety Improvements,” with G. Kozanidis, to appear in Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 2002.

“Optimizing the Design of a CDMA Cellular System Configuration with Multiple Criteria”, with B. Rosyidi, to appear in the Annals of Operations Research: Topological Network Design in Telecommunications Systems, 2002.

“Mathematical and Pragmatic Perspectives of Physical Programming,” with A. Messac and C.P. Sukam, AIAA Journal, Vol. 39 (5), pp. 885-893, 2001.

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"Dynamic Location and Entry Mode Selection of Multinational Manufacturing Facilities: A Chance - Constrained Approach", with H. Min, International Transactions of Operational Research, Vol. 3, No 1, pp. 65-76, 1996.


Models and Metrics for Effective Software Test Suite Minimization and Maintenance (PhD)

Risk Pooling Game: A Java-based Teaching Tool (MS)

Two-Echelon Generalized Assignment Problem Using Voronoi Diagrams (MS)

Routing and COI Storage Policies in No-Depot Warehouses (MS)

A Multicommodity, Multiperiod, Muticriteria Network Flow Mdel for Disposal Siting and Routing of Nuclear Wastes (PhD)

Optimal Allocation of Resources among Disjoint Sets of Discrete and Continuous Activities (PhD)

The Optimization of a CDMA Cellular System Configuration (MS)

Stochastic Interactive Multiobjective Optimization with Multiple Decision Makers (PhD)

Optimization of Transmitting Powers and Locations of Base Stations in Cellular Radio Communication Systems (MS)

Location on Networks with Multiple Criteria (PhD)

A Computer Based Solution for Labor Scheduling within Supermarkets (MS)

Sensitivity Analysis of Weighting Factors in Location problems (PhD)

Estimation of a Power Plant Pure Premium Distribution Using Simulation on a Microcomputer (MS)

Implementation of the Construction of the Additively Weighted Voronoi Diagram in the Plane (MS)

Locating a Facility Using Two Objectives: Maximin and Minisum (MS)

A Dynamic Approach to System Setup Problems in Job Shop Flexible Manufacturing Systems (PhD)

Stochastic Inventory System Estimation (MS)

A Discrete Location Assignment Problem with Congestion (PhD)

A Single Facility Rectilinear Biobjective Location Problem (MS)