Northeastern University


Damage Assessment of RCFT Members and Frames for Performance-Based Design (PBD) - Phase II

Principal Investigator:
Jerome F. Hajjar

National Science Foundation
American Institute of Steel Construction
Northeastern University
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
University of Minnesota

Graduate Students:
Mark Denavit
Jie Zhang
Cenk Tort
Steven M. Gartner
Brett C. Gourley
Jorge Grauvilardell
Narina Jung
Alexander O. Molodan
Paul H. Schiller
Cenk Tort
Jose Zamudio

Undergraduate Students:
Mahmoud Alloush
Tarik Ata Rafi
Rachel Back
Brian Beck
Wilfred Chan
Mark Chauvin
Kathryna Clarke
Steve Earl
Ryan Hopeman
Ezra Jampole
Saif Jassam
Michael Kehoe
Sarah Keenan
Angela Kingsley
Tyler Krahn
Susan K. La Fore
Gregory S. Lauer
Elisa Livingston
Brett Mattas
Steven Palkovic
Matthew Parkolap
Jill Pinsky
Alston Potts
Abdulrahman Ragab
Alexandra Reiff
Katherine A. Stillwell
Zhuanqiang Tan

Typical Analysis Model for Composite CFT Frame

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Phase II of Performance-Based Design


  • Research on Phase II is ongoing
  • Initial work involves developing new constitutive models for "fiber" beam finite element model for RCFT tubes
  • "Fiber" element model will be implimented in OpenSEES
  • An objective of Phase II is to assess seismic demand in composite RCFT braced and unbraced frames
  • A second objective is to develop a reliability-based performance-based design procedure by comparing seismic capacity and demand for RCFT frames for performance objectives ranging from Immediate Occupancy to Collapse Prevention

Chang and Mander (1996)

Tort and Hajjar (2003)

Open System for Earthquake Engineering Simulation

Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center


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