CETR Micro Tribometer UMT-2
CETR UMT-2 is a versatile micro-tribometer. Its has a single-platform, and multiple-configuration capabilites with a fully computerized programmable interface for repetitive testing. Our setup includes ball on disk, reciprocating, uni-directional and multi-directional wear testing capabilites. In addition we have a micro indenter setup. All of the above capabilities can be implemented with three different load cells with 0-10 gr, 0-500 gr and 0-2000gr ranges.


Ambios, XP-2 Surface Profiler
The XP2 is a stylus-based surface profiler. It is used to measure the roughness, waviness, and step height. The Z-height measurement range of XP2 varies from under 10 nanometer to 400 microns.

Polytech, LDV
This is a laser Doppler vibrometer, used to measure surface vibration of structures.


Optical microscope and digital camera
Objectives: 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x

Configurable Tape Path: JAWS
This is a highly configurable tape path on loan from Imation. The instrument was designed and built by Doug Johnson. In our lab it is used in measuring lateral tape motion and traction. Tape can be moved from reel to reel in a range of transport speeds (2-8 m/s) and tape tensions (0.5 - 1.5 N).

Tape path